Welcome To PPA Electoral System

Pakistan Pediatric Association organizes elections on branch and national level annually. PPA has made their best efforts to eliminate unnecessary paper system by developing PPA Electoral System. It is a system where PPA members can get themselves registered and vote for desired candidates against elections being held by using their systems. Voters now necessarily don’t have to present at the booth stations, they can use this system to submit their vote anywhere they are.
Only Lifetime Members and Ordinary Members with valid subscrition are eligible to vote through PPA Electoral System. Also members must be registered with PPA Electoral System through portal.
PPA wants to make sure the elections are fair and honest. This system smartly manages election process from registration to vote submission. We need to register with PPA Electoral System to cast our vote against the elections being held annually and branch level.
Registration with PPA Electoral System is few minutes process. It is must to have your PPA Membership Number to complete the registration process. You need to first enter your PPA Membership Number, fill the registration form with valid and correct information and then submit the pin code received on your cell phone after submitting information to complete the registration process.
If you are a registered user, you can cast your vote by following simple steps. After Login, click on ‘View Positions’ button displayed on the Election List page, Click on ‘View Candidates’ button against each position listed to select your vote respectively, after selecting candidates for all positions, click on ‘Submit My Vote’ button. Then enter verification pin code received on your cell number to submit your vote.